10 Life Hacks to Make Moving to Dallas Super Simple

That time of year has come once again: leases are ending. Moving can be such a hassle, whether you are moving to Dallas for the first time or already living in the area. If only it were possible to snap your fingers and magically transport your belongings from one place to another. Finding an apartment is hard enough…but let’s also tack on paying the first month’s rent, arguing over the security deposit from your last lease… you know the drill.

To save yourself time and limit stressors during your move, follow these 10 life hacks that make moving to Dallas super simple.

1. Sort through all your belongings and throw out (or recycle!) the stuff you no longer need. It can be hard to say goodbye, but the minimalist lifestyle feels so good.

minimalism apartment moving to dallas life hacks throw away stuff you don't need

2. Tie a rubber band around your doorknobs so you don’t get locked out during the move.

tie rubber bands around your door knob so you don't lock yourself out moving to dallas life hacks kyvno

3. Rub a walnut on the scratches on your wood floors to hide those accidental furniture scuffs.

life hacks moving to dallas new apartment rub walnut on scratched furniture and floors

4. Have a complicated electronic set up? Take a quick pic with your phone before you unplug so you can easily get your gadgets back up and running.

take a pic of tv cable set up so its easy to redo later moving to dallas life hacks for moving kyvno

5. Ask your local grocery or liquor store for empty boxes to make moving your things from one place to another a breeze.

kyvno ask local grocer for extra empty cardboard boxes moving to dallas life hacks for moving

6. Use a piece of tape to measure the distance between two holes when re-hanging your frames. No more guessing!

hanging picture frames life hacks for moving to dallas kyvno

7. For a free ticket off the struggle bus, cut holes into the sides of your cardboard boxes.

cut handles into cardboard boxes make moving easier moving to dallas life hacks kyvno

8. Use white toothpaste to fill holes in your old walls.

9. Need a new bed*? Save time and money and buy from a company that ships directly to your door for free.

buy a new bed from a company that delivers free to your door kyvno moving to dallas life hacks

10. At the end of the day, make sure to get plenty of rest and relaxation. Fire up a movie and enjoy your new space.

netflix and chill after a long day life hacks moving to dallas kyvno

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