Benefits of a Split King Bed Frame – Should You Switch to a Split King Bed?

One of the biggest decisions couples ever have to make is whether or not to split up. We’re not talking about breaking up…we’re referring to splitting up their mattress by getting a split king bed frame! We all exhaust our mattresses over time. If you need a new bed, you may be wondering, “what is a split king bed?” Should you switch to a split king bed?

There are countless benefits of a split king bed frame. Moreover, it’s worth looking into to determine if it’s the right fit for you and your partner. Consider the questions below as you discuss whether to make the big split.

What Are the Benefits of a Split King Bed Frame?

Adjustable split king beds are great for couples who want to wake up in the morning refreshed and pain-free. (Which, who doesn’t?) This is because they allow these love birds to adjust their side of the bed separately with the touch of a button!

Health Benefits:

Adjusting each side of the bed to fit one’s needs provides endless health benefits. Back pain, snoring, sinus pressure and acid reflex are just a few issues an adjustable bed can help with. Each person can customize their back support, improve their quality of sleep, and maximize recovery from their unique days. (Pretty revolutionary!)


An adjustable split king bed frame is made up of 2 twin xl beds connected by an iron plate.  This means they can also be broken down and sometimes even folded in half, so they can be easily moved. 


It’s also no surprise that not all couples go to sleep at the same time. Some like to sit up straight to work in bed while others enjoy a slight head-incline as they read.

Maybe one would like to lay flat to doze off while the other would prefer a 70-degree back angle to watch TV before bed. The possibilities for individuality are endless! A split king bed means you don’t have to compromise on comfortability. Everyone gets to relax their way!

split king bed frame

What Does a Split King Bed Require?

Bed Sheets:

This is everyone’s biggest concern, and we get it! The adjustable split king is made up of two twin XL beds, usually connected by an iron plate. To adjust both sides of the bed separately, you will need 2 twin XL fitted sheets and one king flat sheet. A king size comforter is also typically recommended. 


If a split king is the route you and your sweetheart decide to go, choose one with easy assembly. This will save you a small fortune rather than paying to have the company set it up. There are many online retailers that can ship a split king bed frame straight to your door and require very little effort to assemble.

What Does a Split King Bed Include?

This varies with each mattress brand and retailer. Some will sell the mattress and the base separately—meaning you incur two costs. Purchasing the mattress and base separately can sometimes lead to a much higher price so be sure to shop around and compare!

We recommend choosing a retailer that combines both the mattress and the base in one package. This can save you money on shipping and reduce the risk of choosing the wrong combination. 

“Purchasing the mattress and base separately can lead to higher prices.”

Kyvno offers an affordable Split King all-inclusive bed kit that includes both for just $1,399! This bed-in-a-box ships straight to your door for FREE and includes the following:

1. Two Twin XL 12” Thick, Gel-Cooling Memory Foam Mattresses

2. Two Twin XL Fully Adjustable Bases

3. Two Wireless Remote Controls

split king bed

More Benefits of Choosing a Kyvno Split King

Kyvno offers one of the lowest prices for this complete adjustable memory foam bed in the entire industry! Need more reasons to choose this online retailer?

Enjoy the ease of shopping from the comfort of your own home, get free shipping across the continental U.S., and rest easy knowing your bed is covered by a 10-year warranty!

Take advantage of their 120 Day Satisfaction Guarantee which allows you to sleep on and test out your new bed with one of the longest trials in the industry. 

If, for any reason you are not satisfied, Kyvno provides free pickups and processes a full refund free of charge within 1 business day of a return!

So, have you made your decision on whether to make the split? If you’re still not sure, read what other couples have to say about their Kyvno Split King bed frame. Or, if you’re ready to move on from your old bed, check out the Kyvno!


Kyvno is the most affordable, all-inclusive sleep solution, creatively engineered to revolutionize your sleep and your life!

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