Benefits of an Adjustable Queen Bed: What’s All the Hype About?

What’s the Adjustable Queen Bed Frame Hype All About?

When you think of an adjustable bed, you may think of a hospital room.  However, these highly impressive beds have made their way into residential bedrooms across the country. And there’s no question why when you consider the convenience and awesome health benefits they provide!

The best part is that some online retailers such as Kyvno.com have made these beds more affordable than ever. They even deliver them, free of charge, straight to your front door. Talk about convenience!

What’s an Adjustable Queen Bed Frame?

An adjustable queen bed frame is also known as a queen size electric or power bed base that allows you to customize your position while laying or sitting in bed. They are conveniently  powered by your room outlet and are controlled by a hand-held remote control.

Queen size adjustable beds are a popular choice for both couples and single adults who like to stretch out and extend those limbs! They are not only an affordable and spacious size, but most often fit any size room. Compared to a king size bed, a queen provides an extra 18 inches of walking space around the bed. Getting a queen instead of a king might mean being able to put in a new nightstand without making your bedroom look too crowded.

How are Adjustable Queen Beds Beneficial?

Manufacturers, physicians, and sleep experts continue to rave about the advantages of adjustable bed frames. With convenience and comfort at the touch of a button, there’s no wonder why! These beds allow you to easily raise and lower the head and foot of the mattress, effortlessly! For example, the Kyvno remote-controlled adjustable base allows you to change positions from sitting up to eat in bed, tilting back to enjoy a movie, or enjoying the therapeutic Zero-Gravity position to relieve body aches and pains. The possibilities are endless!

What About Health Benefits?

Adjusting your sleeping and resting position has also proven to go a long way in supporting your back and lumbar, alleviating body pain, all while enhancing the quality of your sleep.

Back pain, acid reflex, heartburn, asthma, insomnia and arthritis are just a few major health issues adjustable beds have shown to improve. And although this list just scratches the surface, the health benefits of personalizing your bed positions are countless!

What Mattress is Required?

Memory foam or latex mattresses are most often used with adjustable beds. This is due to their flexibility and increased level of body support and comfort. 

Gel-cooling infused memory foam mattresses provide the added benefit of a cooling and soothing effect. This is recommended should you choose to go with memory foam.  Many online retailers offer this cooling feature in their memory foam mattresses as memory foam tends to trap heat without it. 

While gel-cooling memory foam mattresses compliment these adjustable bases best, there are other options to consider. Many innerspring or hybrid mattresses state they’re compatible with these queen size adjustable beds as well.  According to Consumer Affairs, “Innerspring mattresses with individually wrapped coils are also compatible with an adjustable bed frame as long as they’re not too firm. A spring mattress that is too firm can cause too much strain on an adjustable bed’s motor.”

Where to Buy an Adjustable Queen Bed?

Now that you know all about the benefits and convenience an adjustable bed provides, where is the best place to buy one? Kyvno.com currently offers a premium 12 inch gel-cooling memory foam mattress and adjustable base, all-inclusive bed for the lowest price in today’s market.

Kyvno provides fast and FREE shipping straight to your door. Assembly is easy, taking an average of 25 minutes to completely set up without tools!  And the best part? Each order comes with a 120 Day Satisfaction Guarantee  that allows you to sleep on and test out your new bed before deciding to keep it! If for any reason, you don’t absolutely love it, Kyvno picks it up for free and gives you a FULL refund.  What have you got to lose?


Kyvno is the most affordable, all-inclusive sleep solution, creatively engineered to revolutionize your sleep and your life!

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