Best Budget Mattress: Affordable Bed Review

The average person spends about one third of their life sleeping, so it’s safe to say the bed you choose is an important decision. Although new beds are often known to be a hefty financial investment, you can rest assured knowing a Kyvno bed won’t break the bank! Our beds’ prices and comfort level are unbeatable, allowing us to give snoozers like you the best budget mattress on the market!

We took the extra $$$ and turned them into ZZZ’s.

Let’s start with the basics: All Kyvno Kits include an adjustable bed base, a memory foam mattress and a convenient remote control. The Split King Kit comes with two mattresses and two remote controls so you can adjust both sides separately!

Full Kit – $899

Queen Kit – $999

Split King Kit – $1,399

So, what makes us the best budget mattress? When compared to well-known mattress brands, our prices are some of the lowest on the market. But, even better, our prices include more than just a mattress: each kit comes with a cooling-gel memory foam mattress, an adjustable base, and a remote control. The competitor prices listed below include the mattress only.

*the above shows the closest competitor version of the Kyvno. Prices do not reflect promotions.

The price point is what make us an affordable mattress—but the quality of our mattress is what makes us the best affordable mattress.

Best Budget Mattress: Features Breakdown

Memory Foam Mattress

Our 12-inch gel-cooling memory foam mattresses are Certi-PUR US® certified. With a removable and machine washable fabric mattress cover, 4” of high-density gel infused memory foam, 2” contouring foam, and 6” of environmentally innovative foam, Kyvno mattresses provide top of the line quality and comfort. These unique features help regulate body temperature, promote air circulation, eliminate motion transfer, and provide even body weight distribution for your best sleep.

Adjustable Bed Base

Our adjustable base perfectly complements the best budget mattress. Get spinal cord support and reduce aches, pains, and muscle stiffness with our whisper quiet, fully adjustable bed base. Our zero gravity position puts your spine in the most relaxed and stable alignment by relieving all the weight and pressure from your hips, lower back and thighs. Adjusting your bed can also help reduce snoring, improve circulation, naturally decrease swelling, and provide relief from acid reflux.

Kyvno Bed Positions

Remote Control

Ease into new positions with the push of a button on our wireless remote controls. The wireless remotes come equipped with a zero-gravity preset, a flat preset, and a TV/PC position preset. You can also reprogram the presets to make them just right for your needs.

Sleep On It

If you’re still deciding on a best budget mattress, you should sleep on it – literally. Kyvno offers a 120-day sleep satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Additionally, we offer free shipping and free returns. We also have a 10-year warranty to ensure you’re getting the best sleep for years to come!

It’s clear that Kyvno is the best budget mattress on the market. Our prices are be unbeatable, and so is the quality of our products. Check out our reviews to see why we are rated 5 stars by hundreds of customers!


Kyvno is the most affordable, all-inclusive sleep solution, creatively engineered to revolutionize your sleep and your life!

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