The Best Sleeping Positions for Back Pain

If you suffer from chronic or temporary back pain, getting a good night’s rest isn’t always easy. In a nutshell, this is what happens.

You toss and turn all night, trying to find that sweet spot of back pain relief. Then you wake up groggy and cranky, and that attitude flows over into your day. At night, you try to get to bed extra early so you can make up for lost sleep the night before. But instead, you toss and turn all night—again.

Bottom line? It’s a vicious, vicious cycle. If your back pain is affecting the way you sleep, you’re going to want to tun in right about now. Let’s chat about the best sleeping positions for back pain.

Sleeping in the fetal position

One of the best sleeping positions for back pain is sleeping curled up on your side, called the fetal position. It can help with your back pain by extending the space between your vertebrae, leading to less nerve pain or discomfort.

Sleeping with a pillow under your knees

Try this one out for size! Sleeping on your back with a pillow under your knees is a great sleeping position for back pain. Although it may feel or look weird, this position really helps with spine alignment. Just think of it as getting all your ducks in a row.

Sleeping in a reclined position

Sleeping in a reclined position is arguably the best sleeping position for back pain. Admittedly, falling asleep in your recliner after a pitifully long Netflix binge might not be ideal, but there are better options for getting this same type of support. Consider trying an adjustable bed like Kyvno, which allows you to adjust your bed into a recliner position. This angle can drastically reduce the pressure in your spine and help with alignment.

Whether you’re trying out one of these new sleeping positions or opting for a sleep experience overhaul with an adjustable bed, there are options for managing back pain. If you aren’t sleeping well, it’s harder to live that active and energetic life you crave. Kyvno’s adjustable beds were created for that reason. It’s more than a bed—it’s a solution to back pain so you can take back control of your sleep. Learn more here!


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