Guest Bedroom Furniture & Essentials

How do you create a cozy atmosphere your guests will love? It’s a question anyone entertaining overnight has asked themselves and it’s one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Give your visitors everything they need for a comfortable, five-star stay with these must-have guest bedroom furniture essentials.

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First, The Basics… 

Let’s start those must-haves that every bedroom just needs! Gone are the days of blow-up mattresses and blankets on the couch. If your grown-up space is going to be a place where friends and family can sleep comfortably, you’re first going to need a bed! This is the most important piece of furniture in any bedroom, and after all, if there’s no bed then it’s not a guest bedroom, right?

You’ll need a comfortable bed base and or frame with a good mattress. And if you really want to wow your guests, an adjustable bed is the way to go! Who doesn’t want the comfort and convenience of a bed that adjusts to your position and sleeping needs? Once the bed’s in place, be sure to dress it up with simple, subtle to non-pattern, high-thread-count linens and lots of fluffy throw pillows. This is no place to skimp on quality. When it comes to bedding, soft and cozy is the way to go! Whatever you choose, make sure you would want to sleep on it. 

Storage and Seating

Next, provide a place for your guests to unpack and settle in. Whether it’s a closet with shelving, a chest of drawers, or even a luggage rack, give them somewhere to organize their belongings—no one wants to bend over to dig items out of their suitcase.

guest bedroom furniture

You’ll also want to create that comfortable seating area for your guests to use as a reading nook, a resting pad, or just a place to sit and put on their shoes. A comfy chair with a small table and a floor lamp can make all the difference to your guest bedroom.

The Little Things

Once the essentials are covered, think of additional items that you, personally, might need (or would make you feel more at ease) when staying in someone else’s home.  Then, do that in your guest room! Whether it be fresh flowers, bottled water, or a small basket full of snacks, these creature comforts are a simple and inexpensive way to show your guests that you are glad they came.

Keep these items in mind when you’re entertaining your friends and family. You never know — with a guest bedroom this inviting, you may want to stay in this room yourself!


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