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How to Keep Adjustable Split King Mattresses Together

Choosing an adjustable split king mattress may be the smartest choice couples can make when it comes to their sleep. No two people are exactly alike, and neither are their sleeping needs! This is why split king adjustable beds are the best solution for couples who want to maximize their own quality of sleep, while still sharing a bed with their loved ones.

how to keep adjustable split king mattresses together

The numerous health benefits of adjustable beds, such as improving back pain, snoring, sinus pressure and acid reflux, are pretty well-known these days. And the convenient lifestyle benefits they provide like eating, working and watching TV in bed are awesome game-changers in our book!

So, what’s the problem?

Despite all the benefits, we sometimes get asked by split king owners how to keep adjustable split king mattresses together. They want to know how to keep the mattresses from sliding apart during the night! While most people do not experience any mattress movement, some notice their mattress has moved slightly out of place by the morning, which can be frustrating. Nobody wants to fall in the crack when you’re just trying to meet your partner in the middle! So, if you’re one of these people who has experienced this, we’re giving you the low-down on how to keep adjustable split king mattresses together!

How to Keep Adjustable Split King Mattresses Together:

First, it’s important to know that an adjustable split king bed is made up of two twin xl mattresses and adjustable bases linked together to form one king size bed. Because these mattresses are much lighter in weight than a standard king mattress, they can sometimes slide a bit for people who tend to move more while they sleep. If this sounds like you, check out a few of our tips below for combatting this little dilemma!

1. Adjust the Split King Connector.

Most split king beds come with an iron plate connector. We recommend resetting the metal plate that connects the two twin bases so that it’s on the farthest setting apart.

The Kyvno Split King Adjustable Bed provides three settings on this connector. This allows you to adjust your bed to what works best for you! Although your mattresses may still move a bit, adjusting the connector to create more space between the bases will prevent the mattresses from sliding off of the bases.

2. Use a Non-Slip Mattress Pad.

These grippy pads can be found at almost any bed store, including online retailers like Amazon and Wayfair. Step One: place a non-slip pad, like this one, between the mattress and base to keep things from sliding around. Step Two: get back to snoozing soundly!

3. Try Non-Slip Tape.

You know the tape that keeps rugs from slipping all over the place on floors? Depending on how heavy duty the tape is, this may be an option for those who experience a little bit of mattress movement, but not enough to need a non-slip mattress pad.

4. Use a Fitted Bed Frame.

A bed frame includes a headboard, footboard and side rails that are bolted together to beautifully frame your bed. Using the correct size bed frame with rails high enough to keep the mattresses in place is a sure-fire way to keep your mattresses together!

Mattress sliding doesn’t occur to all split king owners and is certainly not to be expected. However, these tips can be a big help for night-time shape shifters wanting to keep their mattresses in place. We’re firm believers that the benefits of an adjustable split king far outweigh this minor and rare occurrence! So, if you’ve been wondering how to keep adjustable split king mattress together, the tips above are worth checking out! Go ahead…adjust your bed and sleep freely!


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