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Memory Foam or Spring Mattress?

memory foam or spring mattress

Were you one of those kids that loved jumping on the bed? If so, it was most likely a spring bed that made all those tricks and flips possible. Those were the good ole days…when all you needed from your mattress was the right amount of bounce for perfecting your air-obics.

These days, you might need a little more from your mattress! With long days at work, tough workouts at the gym, and all the in-between life tends to throw your way, sleep has probably become a necessity. And not just any sleep…the rejuvenating kind of sleep.

You may have even developed a few back, neck, and hip aches along the way that require more from your mattress while you sleep. And unfortunately, that springy bounce you once loved as a kid may not love you back anymore.

To get the sleep you deserve, it’s best to consider different mattress options and how they meet your specific needs. A newer alternative to the ever popular spring mattress is the progressive, memory foam mattress. This all-foam bed is taking the mattress industry by storm with boosted sales and raving reviews! With all the buzz, this option is definitely worth considering. Since everybody and every body is different (pun intended), check out these pros and cons for both types of beds and decide for yourself!



  • Bounciness: Metal springs allow bounce. Moving around or getting in and out of one may be easier for some because of this.
  • Sleeps Cool: Breathable construction (metal springs, wireframe, and a fabric outer layer) prevents trapping in heat while you sleep.
  • Straight-Posture Support: Spring beds lay flat until extra pressure is applied. This is great for those with physical needs requiring straight posture while they sleep.
  • No Adjustment Period: A spring mattress doesn’t conform to your body and so it doesn’t need time to adjust to your body weight or sleeping position.


  • Durability: Springs tend to sag over time, even when flipped or rotated periodically. This results in a shorter lifespan of 8 years or less.
  • Limited Support: Uneven body support over time often triggers aches and pains in areas that need more push back from your mattress.
  • Pressure Points: Because metal springs are unable to contour to your body, they do not distribute weight evenly. This creates pressure points that can lead to soreness and sleepless nights.
  • Body Impressions: Body impressions or “sink holes” are typical and happen gradually as the springs weaken. This calls for rotating your mattress about every 3 months.



  • Contouring: Memory foam contours to your unique body-shape and size, allowing the foam to support pressure points in the back, neck, and hips.
  • Motion Isolation: Unlike spring, foam doesn’t bounce back from pressure. This is great to consider if you share a bed.
  • Durability: High density foam has proven to be much more durable than spring, lasting up to ten years on average.
  • Sleeps Cool: Enhancements like gel-infused memory foam allow breathability and increase airflow. This keeps you cool and collected all night long.


  • Temperature-Sensitive: The firmness of the foam can increase or decrease in extreme temperatures. Convoluted foam and gel-cooling beds has significantly reduced these effects.
  • Heat Absorbent: Memory foam mattresses that do not include gel-cooling beads have been known to trap in body heat. Gel-cooling foam is the way to go!
  • Expensive: These tend to be pricey due to their many advantages. A big “however” is that online retailers like Kyvno.com offer these mattresses with adjustable bases at shockingly low prices.


If you happen to decide memory foam is the way to go, we hope you’ll consider the highly reviewed Kyvno bed!

This memory foam mattress is designed to combat the cons of the traditional memory foam. Its high-density, cooling-gel infused foam keeps you cool throughout the night, while contouring to your body and relieving pressure points. It comes with an adjustable base and remote to offer even more flexibility! Try the Kyvno Adjustable Bed for 120 nights, risk free. If you don’t love it, get a full refund and free return pickup.

memory foam bed

At the end of the day, sleep is everything! It helps your body recover and keeps your mind sharp enough to tackle whatever the day brings. So whether it’s a memory foam or spring mattress, choose based on your particular needs and better sleep will surely follow.


Kyvno is the most affordable, all-inclusive sleep solution, creatively engineered to revolutionize your sleep and your life!

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