Is Quality Sleep The Answer To Nasal Congestion At Night?

Sleeping with nasal congestion is not fun. Nasal congestion—whatever the root cause—can really put a damper on your days and nights. Whether you’re suffering from a cold, allergies, or just regular winter stuffiness, sleep is always hindered by the annoyance of nasal congestion. If you’re tired of sleeping with nasal congestion at night, here are a couple of ways to combat those restless nights and consequently weary days. 

Nasal Strips

Nasal strips are a common remedy to stuffy-nose-itis because they help open nasal passages and decrease inflammation. Although they may not always align with your ideal comfort level, nasal strips are easy to use and can provide the quick relief you’re looking for when you’re battling nasal congestion at night.


If the notoriously dry winter air is making your problem of a stuffy nose even worse, a humidifier might be the solution. Humidifiers release moisture into the air, which can help clear your nasal passages and reduce congestion. Because sleeping with a humidifier facilitates decongestion during the night, it’s a promising solution to blissful breathing and a better night’s rest.

Elevate Your Head

One of the oldest remedies for sleeping with nasal congestion at night is to elevate your head. Sleeping with your head in a higher position, rather than lying flat, can help drain your nose of the stuffiness. Adding extra pillows under your head is an option, but for maximum comfort, an adjustable bed is the way to go. With an adjustable bed, you can elevate your upper body to the optimal position for congestion relief without sacrificing comfort. Check out Kyvno’s adjustable bed! It comes with everything you need to stop sleeping with a stuffy nose and start sleeping with simplicity.

Inevitably, when stuffy-nose-itis hits, you’ll realize that you took advantage of your uncongested nose. You took it for granted, and now all you want is your old nasal passage back, the one without the stuffiness. I mean, just think about how great it felt to breathe without any issues! Dealing with nasal congestion at night is infuriating, yes, but you have options to combat it. Try out our remedies to sleeping with a stuffy nose and get back to good sleep…and good breathing. 


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