The Ultimate New Year Preparation Checklist

On December 31st, millions of people worldwide gather together to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The New Year is an opportunity to start over on a clean slate – and a lot of preparation goes into getting ready for it – including setting New Year’s resolutions! While many people want to focus on health, fitness, and money, we believe setting resolutions for better sleep will help you conquer 2022! Keep reading for our 2022 resolution suggestions, how to find the perfect routine, and other steps you should include in your New Year preparation.

Regardless of what you would like to accomplish, setting S.M.A.R.T. resolutions will make a difference. S.M.A.R.T. resolutions are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals. For example, saying that you would like to sleep better is vague… it can’t be measured or tracked. It is hard to achieve because there is no specific time frame. Even though this may be relevant to your life, there are better ways to frame this goal so you can actually achieve it! A S.M.A.R.T. sleep resolution goes like this: “Every day, I will stop drinking caffeinated drinks by 2pm so that my mind won’t race when I’m trying to go to bed.” This resolution is highly relevant, detailed, and can be easily measured. Put this all together, and you now have an achievable resolution for better sleep! So, what other New Year preparation resolutions can you make for 2022?

New Year Resolutions for Sleep

As sleep experts, we believe that the most important New Year’s resolutions revolve around getting better sleep. But what goals and resolutions do we have to set to get better sleep?

Change Your Night Routine

Great sleep starts with the perfect night routine. However, “the perfect night routine” is going to look different for everyone! This is because we all have unique wants, needs, and schedules. So, it’s okay to have a separate night routine from your friends, family members, or even coworkers. Those happy with their night routine will brand it as “the perfect night routine” because it’s what works for them. During your New Year preparation, it’s vital to find what works for you! Finding a routine that works well for you will make it easier to stick to it, and before you know it, your night routine will be a part of your everyday habits!

So, how do you find the perfect night routine for you? The first step to finding a night routine that works for you is to be specific in what you would like to achieve. Remember, setting S.M.A.R.T. goals will help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions. A S.M.A.R.T. night routine could look like this: instead of saying, “I will start doing a night routine before bed,” say… “I will turn off my phone starting at 8pm. I will do something relaxing like yoga, taking a bath, or reading to help calm my mind before bed. I will be in bed by 9pm and ready to sleep by 10pm.” And remember, now is the time to try things out – so don’t be afraid to try it all!

Make Your Morning Routine a Priority

On the other hand, a morning routine lays down the foundation for how you want your day to go. If your morning routine is rolling out of bed last minute, skipping breakfast, and running out the door, you probably start your day feeling rushed, panicked and disorganized. This feeling can then carry throughout the rest of your day. However, when you create a morning routine that allows you plenty of time to wake up your body and mind, you are more likely to have a successful day.

During your New Year preparation, take some time to write a list of what a S.M.A.R.T. morning would look like for you. This is a critical step in your preparation for the New Year. It allows you to fully understand what you want to achieve from this resolution, and now is the time to test it out! Testing out your resolutions will help you see if your goals are actually attainable.

Here are some morning routine ideas to try out during your New Year preparation:

  • Wake up an hour earlier
  • Put your phone away (no scrolling through emails or social media!)
  • Do 15-20 minutes of movement (yoga, stretching, walking or other exercise)
  • Drink a full glass of water…before coffee
  • Practice 10-15 minutes of mindfulness with prayer, meditation, or journaling

Other Ways to Prepare for the New Year

While setting specific, attainable resolutions for 2022 is a great first step to making a change in your life, there are other ways to prepare!

Out With the Old, in With the New!     

The first non-resolution step to include in your New Year preparation is to clean your space. Just like spring cleaning, the New Year is the perfect time to refresh your work and living areas. A cluttered space is distracting and will make you less likely to stay on course with your resolutions. Plus, studies show that having clean surroundings can actually make you feel more motivated!

Here are a few suggestions on what to clean before the New Year:

  • Sort through your closet and give away any clothes you don’t wear
  • Deep clean your bathroom
  • Organize your desktop and get rid of old, unnecessary files
  • Vacuum everything
  • Or cleaning anything else that currently makes you feel distracted!

Upgrade Your Mattress

Another non-resolution way to prepare for the New Year is to consider your current mattresses’ performance. As sleep experts, we believe that mattresses are the key to getting great sleep. So, if you’re not happy with your sleep, it may be time to change your mattress. It’s recommended by the Sleep Foundation to change your mattress every 6-8 years, but don’t worry if it hasn’t been that long! Your mattress should make you feel refreshed and well-rested when you wake up. If you don’t wake up feeling ready to take on the day, it may be time to switch up your mattress (regardless of how old it is).

If you feel like it’s time to get a new mattress, Kyvno has you covered! Compared to other top brands, our adjustable beds are the most affordable, all-inclusive option on the market. That means that you can get great sleep without breaking the bank! Check out our website to get our New Year’s discount code and save $100 on your own Kyvno kit!

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