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Janet Howe

We bought our king split 2020. We were skeptical due to the low price. 3 years later still loving it!


My bed arrived the day it was scheduled even with the FedEx mix up taking it to the wrong address, set up was easy i rolled the mattress out and waited 48 hours before use. I only used it one night but it was comfortable, my wife enjoyed it more than me she slept soundly, it might take me more time to get use to it, but it’s not going back.

Steve Richards

I just wanted you to know not only this is by far the best bed we ever bought, and the best service team I have ever worked with (Natalie and Monica) thank you so much for everything you guys did for me. Definitely 5plus star rating from me. Only wish more companies could follow your lead. Purchase order #2088 THANKS AGAIN SINCERELY Steve Richards 👍👍👍

Mickey Rizzo

This is the best mattress and bed frame I’ve ever had!

Cordially, Mickey

Tiffani Zahedian

I have had it for over five years. Amazing still like new. Cant beat this price. Very comfortable...love this affordable company. Probably won’t need another one for another five years or more.

Ken Gutman

You won’t find a better value adjustable bed , plain and simple . We love the SplitKing, great Memory foam ( I rate it as a 6 in firmness). Having the ability for my wife and I, to adjust each side independently, is a home run .
So glad we made this purchase, abs was at a fantastic price


We now own 3 of these, very good quality especially at the price. We’ve slept on 2 other adjustable bed brands of higher price and there is no comparison to the Kyvno product. Every person is different but I would recommend a trial if you are considering an adjustable bed.

Phil Davis

We bought a king sized bed in January 2018. Almost 4 years and it sleeps like brand new. I was just inspecting the mattress and was so impressed I needed to brag about this mattress.


I was very apprehensive about purchasing a mattress online without trying it out. The 120 day trial period is what swayed me into trying it. I was pleasantly surprised. I purchased the split king and absolutely love it. I’ve never had an adjustable bed before and wish I would have taken the plunge years ago! It was simple to set up. I highly recommend this mattress!


vivian gregorich

we purchase our bed about 1 and half years ago i want to tell you last nite my husband laid on bed and said oh my wonderful bed he loves it very good purchase we love our bed


This is the best bed! We have the split king. Very happy!

Marilyn H.

Comfortable, very adjustable, helps with neck issues, acid reflux and back. Love to read in bed. This bed is perfect for that. I would do a commercial for it!


We have had the bed two weeks and the left side feet won't adjust. And since they close at 4:00 CST, we could not get any support from them. We wanted a second bed but their BO time went from November 8 to November 25. Their employees are very nice, but nice does not get us a bed nor does it get us a working bed to sleep in last night.

Lily S.

Denise offered excellent customer service to help me out! Highly recommended this company!

Sonia C

Convenient! Was easy to order, shipping was fast!
Reason I chose this business: A friend ordered this bed and loved it. From what I saw, it seemed perfect for us.
Reason I chose this product: Great price, good warranty. Seems like very good quality.

Donna Valentine

We are delighted that the mattresses are so comfortable and it's great having the flexibility of the two sides being separate, so that we can adjust the height as needed independently. The only thing that does not seem to work as expected is the foot portion. The frame goes up as expected with the bend at the knee, but the mattress does not bend with it, thus my legs remain straight out in front of me, raised, but straight.

Michelle S.

Easy to order and check out. Bed so far is a little soft. I hope we can get used to it.

Matthew Z

Nice shopping experience, would have been great to have a better Cyber-discount or maybe some freebies thrown in to the order. I'm excited to try it

Jason W

We ordered the split king. It was an easy purchase process online and had questionable expectations. Our order arrived quickly, a day after initially identified in our follow up email. Setup was easy with the exception of the bracket holding to two twins together, little weird with the heavy frame, but doable. Very happy with our first night and looking forward to many more.

Margaret K.

Website was easy to navigate; choices were few and easy to make.
Reason I chose this business:
I first purchased a Kyvno bed for my home in Texas when I tried one out at the Dallas BMW Marathon Expo with a young woman named Susie helping me. This would have been in early December, 2018. I was in the market for a new bed; when it felt good and considered the very reasonable price, I decided to go for it without a lot (or any!) research, which many would consider an impulse purchase. But as these things go, it was one of those "first thought--right thought" situations, and I've loved the bed ever since. Fast forward to two years down the road, I decided to give myself the gift of one of these beds for my home in Colorado.

Reason I chose this product:
As I said above, I've been sleeping on a Kyvno bed since December 2018 and wanted to be able to experience the same quality of sleep when in my home in Colorado as I enjoy in my home in Fort Worth.

Warren H.

Initially bought the adjustable bed to help in my wife's recovery from surgery and did not believe it would be the bed for me, boy was I wrong. I'm getting the best sleep ever. However I did have a minor problem with one of the remote control units. As soon as I notified Kyvno they began acting to correct the problem. I have never had a company respond to my request so quickly and efficiently. Great product at a very reasonable cost with great service to boot. I recommend them to everyone. Keep up the great work Kyvno.


Well, we loved the bed at first. We have had it about 2 weeks and now the foot of the left side won’t adjust. And it is 6:00 pm EST, so we can’t talk to anyone. We have to sleep on it as is tonight and wait until 8:00 am our time to talk to someone in customer service. We were going to purchase a second bed but they could not even get one in stock until November 25, maybe. I know for certain we won’t be purchasing a second bed. These are BEDS for heaven’s sake, so don’t you think someone should be available at night?

Donna Lee Valentine

We love our new bed. There is one thing that doesn't seem to be working properly. The foot of the bed goes up, and the actual frame has the break at the knee, but the mattress itself does not bend with it. So the foot goes up and my legs are straight out in front of me, up in the air.

William Campbell

Rick L.

We have purchased 2 Kyvno beds, one for our primary home, a split king and a queen bed we purchased for our room at our son-in-law and daughters home. We loved our Kyvno king bed so much we bought a queen a couple years later for our room our daughter and son-in-law set aside for us in their new home. Had a problem with one of the base lift motors a couple years after the purchase of the queen. Kyvno's warranty is the real deal, a very nice and polite representative, Erica, took care of our problem quickly. Great product, very comfortable, incredible value, and a company that stands behind their product without a hassle. I did not think such companies existed anymore!


I bought my Kyvno adjustable bed last year & I love this bed. I snore so I have the head of the bed lifted up so that I don't snore & get a good night sleep. This bed is so comfortable, on my lazy days I lay in bed & watch TV adjusting the bed to my comfortable position. The quality is great & the price is excellent for what you get, which is bed frame, memory foam mattress & wireless remote control. I give this bed 4 1/2 stars, because there's only one option for firmness of the mattress.

Scotty F

Received delivery of our split king kit yesterday. Shipping was super fast, and also free, and we received the packages 4 days after ordering, including two of those days being weekend days, so shipping time was great!

Boxes all wrapped and strapped well, no damage at all to the bed. Setup was easy and fast, had both beds assembled, without need of any tools, in less than an hour, by myself.

Bed is great, very quiet motors under the bed. Bed is very comfortable right out of the box, can’t wait to see how good it feels after my body gets used to the new mattress.

Suggestion on the wireless remotes. Add a button to be able to control the other side of the bed. With two remotes, one for each side, if you are in the bed alone, you have to go back and forth with both remotes to adjust both sides. Just a small inconvenience, but something to consider.

The price is amazing and the everything so far has been as advertised. Highly recommend this company and my new split king bed, my sister and our friend are already going make a purchase with our recommendations and seeing how easy it is to set up on your own.

Catrina Campbell

I order the bed on a Sunday night while working 3rd shift it arrived Thursday evening! The bed was so easy to put together a little heavy! Me an my husband slept so good the first night! I’ve definitely bragged about our new bed to our friends & on social media! When we move I’ll be ordering my daughter a bed also best money I’ve spent!!

Jordan Hernandez

It’s a great mattress with great quality! Super comfortable and well-priced.


Good quality great price. No mess, no haggle. Easy set up. Great sleep, I have no more back , outback pain.


My husband was in a serious car accident and spent quite a bit of time in a single adjustable medical bed. He eventually moved back into our bed but was unable to get comfortable. Because medical expenses were so high, we couldn't afford some of the adjustable beds. I am so thankful we found Kyvno and decided to give it a try. The bed shipped quickly. It has helped with his sleep and being able to elevate his legs has helped with his swelling. The bed is very comfortable, I hate getting out of it in the morning!

Matt Roberts

Amazing comfort , style and price !


We love our bed. Best sleep we have had in some time. We tried my daughter's bed and decided to purchase one. Very happy we did.

Courtney Hernandez

I love my split king Kyvno bed! It's so comfortable and I can tell it's good quality. I'm recommending to all of my friends and family because this bed has truly made a great difference in how I sleep!

Jeff B.

We have had our split king bed set up for 2 weeks now.
It's very comfortable right out of the box, though I expect it
to become even better over time. (soften up some)
Easy setup. Only problem encountered was one of the legs threads stripped while screwing it in with little force.
All and all, we very happy with this bed.

Celia Wilson

I have had my bed for 6 weeks and absolutely love it. I had a small "hiccup" when I first got it, but Kyvno has incredible customer service and my issue was resolved immediately. I would recommend it to anyone and would definitely buy it again


Easy to set up. It's been set up a week, so far I like it, my wife does not.

Roger Smallwood

Awesome bed! I wish I had bought this years ago! On top of that I emailed customer support before purchase, they are very quick to respond. Top notch bed, top notch company!


We bought a split king about a year ago. The mattress is hard as a rock. No give whatsoever. I was so much pain the first 2 weeks. I thought over time it would break in but here we are a year later and it's still hard. There is no choice on plush or firm, you just get what they have. The adjustable frame is fine.

Elisha Cotten

It has only been a week sleeping in our new beds (split king). Already we have slept better than we did 10 years ago. Both my husband and I are aging, pushing 50, and the aches have arrived. My husband has even had back surgery for bad discs'. We wake up feeling no aches or pains. It's be a delight! I have even taken to working in bed using the TV/PC button to sit up and work in comfort. Can't say enough about this bed, we were seriously out of options and so relieved at how this bed has preformed and inexpensive to boot. I highly recommend it!



The customer service team is by far the best I have ever worked with. They have shown exceptional kindness concerning my problems with my bed base ( my support animal chewed my wires) . Even though that is not covered they were willing to help me get my bed up and running again. Most companies would have said " oh well, too bad for you!" The bed is great , helps with my back pain and I do not regret my purchase at all!

Emsley Baker

The mattress was as comfortable as we had expected, when the mattress is put in a position where the head is raised it feels like the buttocks are in an area with very little mattress. We’re considering adding a 2” topper in order to see if this would solve that problem

Bill and Emily

Flat out, we took a chance on a brand that we never heard of, price was right and seemed to have a risk free trial. Best choice we have made in a long time. Bed is awesome, and crazy quiet. I'm 250'ish and this bed is solid, not one squeak. We have had this over a year now, been recommending to everyone. Hope you have the same experience.

Brian Shook


Michael M

We purchased the split king and at first I was skeptical about the cost of this set compared to other adjustable bed sets. But I have to say we were very pleased with the easy assembly and it’s very sturdy. So far it’s thumbs up.


I ordered this bed on a Saturday and it arrived on a Thursday morning. This is a very heavy bed. The mattress was very heavy and awkward. You definitely need 2 people to unload it. It was very easy to assemble. There is something they left out of the instructions about removing a clip on the power box and I thought my bed was broke. I emailed the company but their customer service is only open Monday thru Friday. And that is the only reason I gave 4 stars. After I got a hold of someone, I was able to fix my problem and sleep in n my new adjustable bed ??? The bed is very comfortable in a zero gravity position but not so much laying flat. I do wish there was a wireless remote though. And the adjustable feet leave a hump in the mattress.


Love it. Was a good work out for 2 seniors taking old bed down and putting our new bed together. We did have fun though. We've been sleeping on our new bed for a week now and love it. Firmness just right for hubby but little to firm for me. I have ordered pillow top covers or our split king bed. Delivery was more that quick. Entire split king came in 4 boxes. We will be keeping our new bed. Will try to submit another review maybe after holidays when we've slept on our new bed longer.


I received my Kyvno last week and all I can say is WOW! I absolutely love it. So comfortable and the adjustable frame is perfect. Been sleeping really good. I wish I found this a long time ago. So glad I didn’t get sucked in to a really marked up expensive mattress and adjustable frame because I’m so happy with my Kyvno!

Warren & Betty Lundberg

We have had our bed for a couple of weeks and so far we are very happy. We wish we could have purchased a linen set with the same order. My wife and I are 77 yrs old and managed to assemble the bed without help. We probably should have had our grandkids help us. The bed is a great value and we would recommend it to anyone looking for a good night sleep.
Warren and Betty Lundberg

Tillie Alvarado

My husband is very happy with his side of the bed as for myself I’m not happy with my side it’s too soft. Do you carry firmer mattress. Please reply
My husband gives you 5 star as for myself 3 star.
Thank you,
Tillie Alvarado

Glenda Barber

David Browne

Ok first things first kyvno shipped my split king right after recieving my order. They told me I should be recieving my bed in two days WOW. And I would have received it in two days but Fedx messed up the delivery and delivered to the wrong place. The young lady at Kyvno spent about a hour of her time trying to find out where it went to. And tried getting it to me my order asap. She was awesome in her effort to help with Fedx's screw up. When it finally got here it was real easy to put together and set up. If any other reviews tells you any different. They shouldn't be touching anything that needs assembly. No tools needed only need a blade to cut open the boxes. What more can you ask for. As in for how comfortable it is I have no idea yet I'm going to let the mattresses expand for a full day before I even try. But it's a gel infused memory foam mattress where can you go wrong. If i had 3 hands i would give 3 thumbs up???

Brenda Mann

I have had my bed for a year now and I love it. I have a breathing problem so to be able to raise my head up a little really helps me breathe better. Very pleased with my adjustable full size bed.

oka saki

James Carollo

I can't say enough about this bed. Run, don't walk and buy this bed. We bought the king split and we just can't stop telling everyone about it. When we first opened it i thought the mattress might be too soft. Day two completely changed my mind. Awesome system and to be honest way under priced. Try to find a king split for under 2500. It only exists here with Kyvno. I hope this review pushes you to buy this bed... it is that good. By the way I'm 59 and I set it up myself with no help. Take your time and you can do it. It fit perfectly in place of my old mattress with a headband and a footboard. Cheers and rest easy.


Had my bed for 2 days now. Split king and I love it. The adjustability and the comfort of the matress for such a low price is great. I cant comment quite yet on the reliability since it's so new but I will come back to update.


The bed is very comfortable. There are a few features that I wish it had (wireless remote, wall hugger) but even without them this bed is very nice.

Cynthia Plante

My husband recently bought me your fantastic full size bed, to help me recover from a terrible fall down a flight of 13 stairs. I suffered two broken arms, several broken ribs, a punctured lung, fractures in three of bones in my spinal cord, as well as severe cuts in my scalp and my knee, and a serious head wound. My recovery time is very long and if not for the bed that your company makes, I would also have to deal with bed sores and pressure points on my back, from head to toe. I would be more than happy to endorse the Kyvno bed, either through social media or any format you desire. I live in the state of Maine in the Northeast USA. Thank you for making my new “lifestyle” bearable and for such amazing support and comfort!!

Laura Singleton

I received my Kyvno. 2 days after receiving it the split king was sat up. Due to major injuries to my back, hips, and head I had not been able to sleep in a bed for six years. Many beds have been bought, but none worked. All left me unable to get out of bed by myself, and/or left me in excruciating pain from pressure points. From the very first night on my Kyvno, I knew my days of sleeping on the couch for back support was over. Thank you so much for making an adjustable bed of the highest quality that is affordable to the average families income.
Customer for life!

Troy Loge

We’ve only had the split king Kyvno less than a week but it is *AMAZING*!!! The very first night, I had the best night of rest in many years. Reading the other reviews both before ordering and after having slept in one, we are very confident that we will get years and years of great use out of this bed and at an unbeatable price. It has really helped my back and even my Planters Fasciitis! Thank you, Kyvno for a genuinely great product at a very fair price; my quality of life is vastly improved literally overnight!

Tracy Gonzales

We purchased a split king adjustable memory foam mattress in September. After 10 months we are still completely satisfied with our bed and it’s adjustable functions. The bed is very comfortable and the split adjustment is great for two people with different needs. I would highly recommend purchasing this bed and we were able to add a headboard and foot board with wooden side rails. The mattress setup sits nicely inside the wooden bed frame. We just left off the wood slats that would have gone across the bottom. .

Terry Munro

We've had our split king bed for just over 12 months now. We love it. Great comfort, great sleep!

Lou Heflin

I really like the bed. It came on time. Easy to put together. So comfortable!! We got the split king. It's perfect!!


I have to say that I am very Impressed. I was reluctant at first when I was ordering the mattress online as it is difficult to believe in this day and age as something this good could be effective and cheap at the same time but again I stand corrected. I bought this mattress for my parents as a Father's Day present and was hoping to have something special. I view the split king set online and was suspicious at first but decided to give it a chance as it looked good and so was the price. I kept on bothering the wonderful team everyday until the mattress arrived and I am glad and greatly amused, my parents are happy and so am I. I just have one advise for kyvno, have a third party web site review you product because as the saying goes when in Rome do as the Roman's do. It becomes easier to make a decision when both your website and others have good reviews. Thank you

Cynthia and Robert

I’m extremely happy with the quality of the mattress and frame. I love relaxing in the zero gravity position. I left out the brackets that join the split king to make it easier for me to change the sheets. It did take a little getting used to the mattress since it’s the first of this type we’ve had.

Cathie Lancaster

Love my Kyvno bed..so comfortable and cool...I love the fact that I can zip off the mattress pad, wash and dry it and it's easy to zip back on. Best bed I've ever owned.

Michael C.

Great bed; Very well constructed. Super comfortable and very easy to assemble. I do wish that the attached remote control cable was a little longer. Nice mattress with washable zippered cover.

Mary Griffin

John Thomas

The order arrived at 4:30 pm as scheduled. We had it in the house and set up by 5:30 pm. Set up was as advertised. simple and easy. Slept in it that night. I would recommend Kyvno as an affordable option for split king adjustable beds.

Mack Livingston

easy to set up so comfortable to lie down on

Mike Daniel

We,ve slept on our bed for about a week now and so far my wife and I love it. It has been everything as advertised and was easy to assemble.
The mattress firmness is perfect for us. The remotes work well and were easy to separate the sychronization.
We will recommend this bed to everyone.

glenda wells

took about 15 minutes to put together. mattress expanded rapidly. no smell. mattress is firm but comfortable. I've read others saying will, soften up some over time. first night, quite comfortable, slept well.

James and Shellie

Sonja Butler

First I would like to say that I assembled the few parts all by myself, and it was super easy. I love this bed. It is so comfortable, I just wish there were a choice of mattress options. However, this bed is so comfortable and the frame is very sturdy. I have been getting a good night sleep since I started sleeping in my adjustable bed. I like the medium firm mattress, but would have liked a firmer mattress. Maybe in the future you can offer a few mattress choices. Thank you.

Cecil Hixson

The only recommendation at this point was I got no emails confirming order or with estimated ship date, or when bed was shipped. This bed was for my dad & he just got a knock on the door & delivery guy had just left it in front of his garage. He could have had it stolen so we should have gotten an email with ship date & estimated arrival so he could have been watching for it.


First, I have to mention that the customer service is awesome! I sent two messages and got prompt replies and the chat was great too. There is no reason not to reach out to someone if you any questions or problems.
The items arrived on time! The boxes are heavy so get help and read all instructions before beginning. The construction is sturdy and it has a quality feel to it too. Have AAA batteries available if you get the wireless remotes. No instructions included for mattress but simply unpack and put in place. I reached out and was informed that you can sleep on them same night but it could take 48 hours to a week for the mattress to fully expand, and its amazing how firm the mattress is after is expands. The mattress is rated at a medium 6, but after sleeping on the same mattress for 17 years anything new is going feel very firm.
The bed is a quality make and I don't see why anyone will not be satisfied with it. This is my first foam bed and I must admit I am impressed. I will also state that if not for the adjustable base I don't know that I would have purchased a mattress in a box. That said, I am happy I did!


The bed has been awesome so far we really enjoy it. My husband says its a bit hard for him and my only complaint is the smell takes a while to get used to.

Fidel Rodriguez

Awesome bed! My wife is ill and was having a hard time getting in and out of bed as well as having her meals until we got our Kyvno!
Thank You


Love my bed! Delivered last summer! I love it so much I invite guests to lay on it! Myself and everyone thinks it’s so comfortable! What a great value for the frame and mattress alone!

Patty Coons


Very easy setup. Very reasonable price. Will buy another soon.

Davy Duprel

Excellent adjustable bed and mattress at an amazing price. I’m very happy with my bed. Thank you.

Patrick Malone

I'm really enjoying my new bed, it is so much better than my flat bed that I've had for years, it is so comfortable and now I can watch tv in bed,wish I made the change much earlier I really like it alot


Adjustable platform is well made, easier to put together and a good value. The mattress is more like a FIRM 8 than a firm 3-4. Quite hard the first few nights of sleep. It’s getting a less firm, but still wish you would make more plush mattress and give option of FIRM firm or FIRM mild.

R Strout


Best bed I've ever owned. I highly recommend it!

Harold Connell

Bed works great and is very comfortable. Great price and easy to set up.


We could not be happier with our purchase! Purchased split king on a Sunday afternoon and arrived on Wednesday. Very good quality and easy to set up. Very comfortable. Both my husband and i are sleeping the best we have in years! Recommending it to all our family!

Tracy and Doug Taylor

Have had the bed set up for about 4 days and slept on it the last 2 nights- so far so good!!! My arthritis is not crippling in the morning anymore- and my husband says he feels amazing and doesn’t wake up at all in the night with am numb arms anymore!!

Jasmine Woods

Brought this bed for my mom best decision ever.



We purchased a Kyvno queen bed for our guest room. It seemed like the perfect option with family of all ages, including parents and grandparents, coming to visit. We never realized how great it would be to have such a comfortable adjustable base bed in the home. I recently suffered an ankle injury and 'moved' into the guest room for a full month following surgery. What a relief to not have to deal with pillows to keep my leg elevated. The bed is on the firmer side, but is exactly what we like. We currently have a Leesa in our master bedroom, but will switch to a Kyvno when it's time to purchase a new bed. I highly recommend to anyone who has been considering a bed-in-a-box. Why spend thousands on a traditional mattress when you can have something more comfortable with the flexibility of the adjustable base for a fraction of the price?

Desiree P

Omg I love this bed!


I broke 4 vertabrae in my back a year ago. I bought this bed to see if it would help with pain management. I am happy to say I have been pain free for a week. The mattress is about a 6 in firmness but really relieved my back pain. I was impressed with the quality and love my bed

Diana Tuttle


the bed is wonderful husband does not complain about his back incredible price we luv it would recommend to everybody good buy

Laura Copeland

So far very happy with purchase

Fazeel Siddiqui

Awesome bed. Only three days of trial but so far, worth it.

Bill Beavin

I was worried about spending this much money without having the ability to touch or feel or lay on the bed prior to signing on the dotted line. I contacted a purchaser from this list that had their bed for a long while and read everything I could. My order was confirmed on Tuesday and four BIG boxes were at my door on Thursday! I let the mattresses open for a day to expand and put it together in a few minutes on Saturday. Three nights in and my back and I LOVE it! They say it is about a 6 on firmness but I think it is better than that, just different because of how it supports. I was concerned about foam holding heat but, so far, that's not an issue either. Here's to a long relationship with this cool bed! thanks

Ronald Miron



We love the bed. It has really helped my back pain and I have slept better than I have in years. The price of the complete bed is what you would pay for a high end mattress. It would be nice to have something to hold the mattress from g
Sliding to the side.

smn tan

This is the BEST bed. I wake up in the mornings and my back feels better than it has in years! I Highly recommend this bed. Thanks.


My wife and I have been sleeping on the split king for almost a week now. We both agree that we are able to get better quality sleep and wake up without the aches and pains from our old bed.


Got my split King 4 days ago.. it's an amazing bed, slept 4 nights on it and my body is already starting to feel the difference.. super high quality. you can't beat the price and the customer service


My husband and I are in love with this bed. Very well made. We are sleeping so much more soundly that we wake up feeling rejuvenated. We both snore but that ha greatly improved since


We had an amazing experience with this bed from delivery, set-up, and now sleep! I ordered this for my mom's spare bedroom since they use to have a futon there and sleeping on that was horrible so I sent them this awesome new bed for their guest room. They absolutely love it so much that they are now going to order one for themselves for the master bedroom. I ordered it on a Friday and it was delivered on Tuesday!

Larry Luebbe

We got a split king, at first my wife and I thought the mattress' was going to be too soft. But after a few nights sleeping in them we both love the bed. Only bad thing is that is in a house we only use a couple months a year.

Kelly Hansford

This is the BEST bed I have ever slept in! I wake up in the mornings and my back feels better than it has in years! Highly recommend!


Best sleep ever. I'm so happy with my purchase. The Split King bed is fantastic. I love the zero-gravity position. The bed arrived two days after I ordered and was easily assembled. Thanks Kyvno!

Tracy/Michael Gonzales

We like this bed. Two years ago we spent $4,800 on a Serta bed exactly like this. We lost it in a flood. This bed equals the quality of the other bed.
It’s split king is great for us because I move around a great deal and it used to disturb my husband but this bed allows me to move around without worry.
My husband has severe back pain issues and the adjustable bed has made his sleep much better.
Price and quality are great.

Tony Farrow

Delivery was fast setup was easy Works excellent sleeps good only complaint is we thought we had two pillows coming because the video showed two pillows plus when you look up beds it shows two pillows representative told us that it doesn't come with two pillows so it means the video is deceptive other than that we are happy


We love our split king. Being able to raise the head has helped my husband with his sleep apnea and he doesn't snore as loud. We both sleep better now.

Dianne Marchman

I am basically happy with my new bed. I am disabled and in a lot of pain most of the time. It had been extremely hard for me to get comfortable in our old bed. I had to use numerous pillows, I'm now down to 2. The only thing I really dont like is that the mattress does slide sideways and has to be pushed back. It would be a good idea to put some kind of low side frame for mattress stability. I pray I continue to be happy with my purchase because I'm sleeping well!

F. Chavez, very happy with this bed, best buy we ever made, sleep like a baby!


Claude Bresse

Shipping WOW
.place my order. 5days later I was setting up the twin king. Set up was quick and easy.

Sleeping all night

Mike Zimmer

We bought the bed for my wife who has serious health issues. We needed a bed that adjusts and has firm support made from materials that do not affect her asthma. After three weeks she is sleeping better than she has in a couple of years! The assembly was simple and the free shipping really was a plus!

F Chavez

F. Chavez, very happy with this bed, best buy we ever made, sleep like a baby!

Samuel New york

Thanks so much for this bed i love it am in love i don't want get up is so countable i don't even need pillows to sleep and i breathe fine at 37 degrees of inclination , you the best i wish new about guys before .


I purchased this bed for my father who has a lot of health issues and pain. He called to tell me that he hasn't slept this well in YEARS. I'm so happy there is an affordable option for comfortable mattresses with motorized adjustable bed frames.

Terry Munro

We took delivery of our split king in late May. I had no trouble with setting the beds up.
Since then, every nights sleep gets better and better and I cannot imagine going back to our old back breaker.
The bed feels luxurious, it supports, it comforts and it feels absolutely wonderful.
My wife was extremely sceptical about buying a bed online and even more so when she compared this price to an equivalent split king in a store. Lucky for me Kyvno delivered big time!

Bruce zelus

The delivery was great. Assembly was simple. My only concern is that the mattress seems uneven. It is higher in the middle than to sides. It has been over 24 hours since we opened it.

jamie car-web

We ordered the split king adjustable bed after reading wonderful reviews online. The ordering and delivery process were very smooth and we ended up returning it only because it was too soft for us. we like something more firm and this mattress is definitely on the soft side. very comfortable though. The quality was excellent and i really have to commend them for their superior customer service. i will give them five stars for the customer service and product quality; i can’t fault them for the mattress being too soft to our liking because i’m sure there are many who would love this mattress. thank you, kyvno!

Dalia Castro


Ordered split king very fast delivery got it within 2 days we have now slept on it 8 nights and we are loving it so far..thank you so much great price and we are happy this far.


We purchased the Split King adjustable bed, and it is well worth the money. As an active duty Soldier, sleep, rest, and relaxation is very important after a longs day/week of training. With just a slight adjustment, I wake up fully rejuvenated, and no more back pain or neck aches. My wife loves and feels the same way. You won't find a better bed, for this price. We've searched for a while, and the cheapest we could find was over $3,000. It took me 20 minutes to fully set up the base, and only about 2 hrs for the mattresses to fully decompress. Kyvno, your bed is amazing, and we love it. Thank you

Charles Eanes

John Chen

I bought an adjustable bed/mattress on Kyvno's website for my father-in-law who lives in another state, and the delivery was on time without any incident. It was also very easy to set it up with the manual. I was extremely impressed with Kyvno's Customer Service who answers my questions in a very timely manner, and their Customer Care Representative, Christianna, is especially responsive and patient in handling our inquiries. We truly think this is a trustworthy company with excellent services and professional ethics, and we will have no reservations whatsoever to recommend Kyvno to our friends and relatives whenever there arises a need to use their products and services.


Fred Meine

We love our split king our only issue is changing the sheets so we have decided to use the beds as twins for the easiest way to complete that task. I think in time we will put them together, for the time being we are Very pleased with the comfort level. More to come as we have only had 4 nights of restful sleep. But we have only had the unit 4 nights, 100% is good.

Courtney F

After a lot of research and checking online reviews we purchased from Kyvno. So happy with the customer service. Super easy to set up and so comfortable!

Brenda Mann

I bought a full size adjustable bed and I love it. Very happy with it.

David mccormack

My husband has lung cancer and wasn't sleeping at night but that's to your bed he's sleeping fine. Thank you for you fast delivery. Your bed was easy to set up with for us was a blessing. Thank you from 2 happy customer's.

William Morris

love it helped my sleep don't wake up sore and stiff


It was easy to assemble. I thought that the mattress is harder than I would have preferred. Also the controller for the bed has NO place to put it where it would be easy to access. There should be someplace to hang it or else it should be wireless!


I don't usually do reviews but felt I had to do this one. The bed arrived several days before it was supposed to which was nice. Last night was my first night in a bed in over 7 years. It was very nice. As I was told by the wonderful customer service...it'll take a few nights to get used to the bed. I can only sleep sitting up due to major back issues, arthritis etc.....when I was in the no gravity position I was in a cloud with no pain. I'm going to update this review when I've given it a month. I'm due to get shoulder surgery in two weeks. So I'm extra excited to have comfort during this time. I bought the sheets that were recommended 100% Bamboo...like sleeping on clouds. I was so nervous buying an adjustable bed online sight unseen, was scary. The customer service put my mind at ease an answered any an all questions I had. Their so easy to get a hold of. As I said I'll be back with an update. But this bed still gets 5 stars for now. I absolutely love it.

Rosalyn Braxton

I absolutely love my adjustable bed and mattress, and the mattress conforms to my body. The instructions to put it together was fairly simple. I love my bed.


We’ve been sleeping on the bed for several days and we LOVE it so far. It is veeeery comfortable and “moving” mattress is just awesome.

We had some unpleasant experience with delivery/installation though. Whoever delivered the bed just dropped it off in the building without any notification, not even in the main lobby but by its entrance, when we were not home. The frame is super heavy so the box it’s packed in ripped right away as we started lifting it. We barely got it upstairs (3rd floor walk up). There were also those repellent sachets in the box, the kind you find in a new bag or some clothes...while we were carrying the bed, they opened up inside the box and our apartment was all covered in those small plastic balls when we got it out. That was very unpleasant experience and took a while to clean up.

I do recommend the bed though, just make sure you have strong people around to carry it and install. Kyvno, please get rid of the repellent sachets and find a stronger box for the frame.

Still giving it 5 stars. The bed itself is Amazing!!! Thank you Kyvno.


I just want to say that I always base my opinion on a company by their customer service.
With that being said, I give Kyvno an A+++
Not only did Erica go above and beyond helping me place my order, she also made sure that the delivery was on track.
I received the bed yesterday and assembly was a piece of cake!
I am now enjoying my queen size adjustable bed.
Thanks again Erica!

bryan mathews

After sleeping on this bed for 3 weeks, I can’t imagine why anyone would pay thousands for a similar bed. I tried a six thousand dollar bed before I found Kyvno for only $1300 for a split king. So glad I found them before I done something stupid!

Javoni Elliott

We ordered this bed as a surprise for my grandmother's birthday on 02/10/2018 a Saturday and it came that Thursday which was really fast for delivery...delivery was free!!!....The price point was excellent at $1299, we purchased the split king. It was hard not to be just a little skeptical because all the other pricepoints for a split king in other brands were double and even triple that...but after reading the reviews and stalking the website and faq's I just knew this was an answered prayer and blessing for her!! Its not cheaply made at all...it adjusts just as smoothly and quietly as the ones I tested in the big name stores!! And the plus is she said it slept better than any bed she had slept on in years!!! Mission accomplished....I will try to leave an updated review after she's had the bed for a little while....Also Erica was excellent...I think I called her back to back until it was assembled and she was very patient. Kyvno team I appreciate you for having a quality product at a reasonably affordable price!!!

Phil and Robin Davis

We bought the bed about a month and a half. At first I was skeptical because of the price, compared to similar beds. It came and it was really simple to put together. Now having slept on it for 6 weeks, we have to say this is the most comfortable bed ever. I never want to get out of it! I no longer have this sharp pain in my back, and when I have lower back pain, it really helps being adjustable.

We just absolutely love this bed and would recommend this to any and everyone! It doesn't even have that funny chemical smell that you experience with similar products that get shipped. 10 stars if I could.

Mark N

Hi everyone so far I am so pleased with my purchase the price was amazing that got me thinking whats wrong here is this product inferior ? Not the case first night on the bed wow !!! after a few angle changes throughout the night I slept great . Oh and the packaging and installation was even better so easy again great job by the Kyno team. I will keep everyone updated when we get closer to my 120 day trial it wont be the quality that is in question just the mattress working with by bad back over time . Thanks so much everyone at Kyvno .

Karen P

I waited until after sleeping on my new Kyvno for a week until I submitted this review. I’m completely satisfied, comfortable and happy with my new King Size Kyvno. I’ve been sleeping so well and don’t budge until my alarm goes off in the morning! It fits beautifully inside the base of my upholstered bed frame and looks great. The only problem I have now is both of my kids want one!

Pat Bartleson

It was so easy to order and set up our new adjustable bed. Honestly I thought it was going to much more difficult to set up but 7 or 8 steps later with no tools? It's been an awesome experience so far....

Cheryl Spezze

My husband likes the bed, but I do not. I feel the mattress is to hard. My husband says it is the best night sleep he has had in a long time.


Loving this bed and the 120 days I have to check it out.

Megan H.

We've had our bed for a week now. I'm in love. After struggling for the last few years due to 3 ruptured discs, a spinal fussion, and fybromialgia, I am finally able to get a good nights sleep! Thank You, Kyvno! You have made my life better!


I was searching for a new bed for a while. One that would help with my back problems. With all my money going to medical bills I didn’t have much money to purchase a adjustable bed. Then one day by chance I seen a video on you tube and decided to look into Kyvno on their offering of a affordable, adjustable frame and matress(es). I bought the split king with little expectation of the quality shown on the video or pictures. After receiving the bed I was surprised how easy the frame was to put together. The two twin XL mattresses took around 10-12 hours to expand to full size and the first time my girlfriend and I lied in the bed and operated the motors to the desired position, I was a believer. I have only had this bed for 2 weeks but the whole set up from the matress to the frame feels solid and of good quality. This is a great product and would recommend to family and I have. I hope this bed will hold up. I plan on updating this review after I’ve spent more time in the bed.

Myra Britton

I love my Kyvno frame and mattress. It's really helped to alleviate a lot of lower back and neck pain. It's awesome being able to comfortably sit up in bed and work, watch tv, read a book, etc. In my 50+ years, it is the best mattress purchase ever!

LInda Brown

I am very happy with the bed so far. It's funny because I think it's soft and my husband thinks it's hard. We are only on day 3 and so far it's good, but the king has 2 twin mattresses and they slid apart. I'm looking for something to hold the mattresses together and then I think it will be perfect!!

Corey Perigo

Great bed. One recommendation is to put some type of support on the sides of the king size with the 2 twin mattress they tend to slide off to the side but over all very happy with our purchase

Ian W. Kanady

This bed is amazing!! The wife and I have tried several bed types and this has been the best and the price is even more amazing. Like many I was skeptical because of the price but after reading reviews and noting the trial and return policy we decided to give it a try. We have not had this comfortable nights sleep in a long time. Look no further, your dream bed is here.

Erin DeGrace

Overall it’s the best bang for the buck there’s a couple things that I wish were slightly different when close to the edge of the mattress Compresses you can’t sleep right on the edge especially if you’re as heavy as I am 300 pounds Anything which would be really nice is either a longer cord for the control or a wireless unit wireless remote the cord is constantly falling off the bed and I’m having a look for it but again the bed is extremely comfortable for the price and meets all of our needs I will also add that it is built way more better than I would’ve thought it would have been for the price heavy duty steel frame makes it more durable Can you would expect craftsmanship is extraordinary what I recommend this bed 1000% yes very comfortable very good bang for the buck if I was there the more expensive name brands like Tempur-pedic I’d be extremely nervous also would like to add that the cooling gel layer the ad makes the memory foam extremely comfortable in the warm temperatures this summer as you don’t get sweaty in bed like you would on a conventional memory foam

Tawnya Crawford Norton

Had this bed about a week. Delivery was quick, sooner than expected and set up was easy. I did it by myself. I was worried that this bed was going to be too short or lesser quality and I was very wrong on both accounts. My husband has spinal damage and has slept exclusively in a reclining chair for 6 years due to pain. He has slept in this bed 4 times this week and says he slept like a rock each time. So far so good. We are quite happy with it.

Jackie G.

My bed arrived a week ago yesterday and I LOVE it!!! I have slept so much better- and my hands do not go numb like they were. My only problem is that I can’t keep my kids and dogs out of it. I am so thrilled I ordered my bed, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking!

Katherine Oakes

Love this bed, easy to put together. Like the individual remotes and the fact that there is a bar across the foot so that the mattress stays on the bed. Would like to have a means to keep the mattress from moving off the side!

Daniel Salce

So far, so good. We are in love with the value, all you get, and the bed so far. We had a very high end bed that just never did it for me and finally resulted in NO sleep. We have had our Kyvno Split King for about a week now and I am actually sleeping longer through the night than ever before. I don't wake up hunched over and hurting from back pain.... I am only 46, so that was weird to happen so early. We love being able to watch tv without stacking millions of pillows, and to go to sleep just takes a press of a button. We are in the stage of finding our sleep adjustment on the bed.... even finding it is a better nights sleep than before. Funny thing is, my last bed cost 3x this amount!!! I can't wait for my body to get more use to the tempurpedic as I have read in 30-60 days!!! I will report back.

Donald Buechler

Very pleased with service. Outstanding customer service. Highly recommend. Bed is well worth the price. Love the prompt shipping.

Alan Green

I've had my Kyvno bed for a little over a month now and I have to say that I love it. I haven't slept this good in a very long time. I mainly like how comfortable the bed is but its also really great that I can elevate it how I want to. all and all this is the best bed i've ever owned and I plan on having this bed for years to come.

Alan Green.

Luis Rosado

I love my new bed. It is comfortable and easy to adjust. I highly recommend it.

Taylor Z

So I've waited a couple of weeks to do this review so we could really get a good feel for the bed. I will say this has been a great investment. We had been looking for a memory foam bed for quite a while now. We had also been wanting the adjustable style bed frame but never thought we be able to find one that was going to be in our price range along with a bed. Well this split king bed has met both of those needs. My wife and I have both slept more soundly and deeper than we have in a long time. The adjustable frame is great for reading, watching tv, and also doing a little work while being comfortable in bed. It is also nice that we can adjust it to meet our own individual needs. We were not sure how a split king would be going from a queen but it has been awesome. We'd highly recommend this bed and this company to anyone. You won't find a better value for your money than this place. Now the only test is to see if its last for ten years. The one negative thing have to say is about the pillows they send. The pillows say they are standard size but they actually do not fill the entire length of the pillow case, but they are however very comfortable and we didn't buy this for the pillows. It still gets 5 stars from us!

Amber Hutcheson

We LOVE our Kyvno!!! I love that I can lay in bed and do my school work comfortably. Also, when my husband starts snoring I slightly prop it up so that I can get some good sleep!

Stephen Wurster

This product will serve nicely for anyone that has sleep issues due to sleeping positions. I didn't have to toss and turn to try and find a position I was comfortable in to sleep. I also play a lot of computer games in bed and being able to adjust the bed in a sitting up position was so helpful. The Kyvno bed is for sure going to help my gaming skills!

Scott Jordan

Built in Texas, delivered in Texas...very quick delivery.
Easy to put together and no tools needed. (:
How does it sleep......Happy Wife, Happy Life.

Leigh Wilder

This is a high quality product. The mattress is extremely comfortable and relieved the tension I often felt in my lower back after waking up in the morning. You sink deeply into the plush mattress yet it provides a lot of support. Promotes full body relaxation, no body tension or strain to sleep comfortably. Great for sleeping on your side or back without any pain. The adjustable base makes sitting up in bed while watching TV more comfortable and relaxing. I actually sleep more deeply when I sleep on this mattress. The only problem now lies with getting out of bed in the morning!

Karen Kristof Stout

We are loving our new Kynvo bed! We really like having the ability to adjust each side of the bed to our individual preferences. My husband said his back and shoulders are so much better since we started sleeping in this bed and since he can raise up the head, his snoring is not near as bad. The memory foam is firm but cradles you for additional support. We both hate having to crawl out of it so quickly in the morning. That's the only downside of this bed.

Alan Solis

I’ve had a couple weeks to truly experience my Kyvno bed and its many benefits. First, I’ll address my initial apprehension when we first started shopping for a new bed. My reluctance came from the split, twin mattresses necessary for each partner’s side to be individually adjustable. Perhaps it’s silly and I’m exposing the romantic in me, but I felt a split mattress would separate me from my wife too much. Nevertheless, it was enough of a concern that it almost dissuaded me. Gladly not for long, because now that we’ve slept in it, I can attest to its many features and recovery benefits. I live a fairly active lifestyle, and I have suffered from sciatica in the past due to the constant abuse my body takes when running or lifting heavy weights. The mattresses we’ve used before always seemed to agitate my back pain and there were mornings where you’d swear I had a curved spine by how painful my misaligned back and hips were. The Kyvno mattress provides the comfort and firmness I need to keep me from tossing and turning all night. When adjusted to elevate my torso or legs, I can feel a distinct difference in the morning. Perhaps it’s the elevation which promotes better blood flow, or simply the fact that I’m not constantly tossing about all night. One thing is for sure, I’ve experienced a significant improvement in sleep quality and physical recovery. My mornings are virtually pain free and I can get out of bed without stretching to loosen my hips back in place. This by far is the biggest benefit for me! As for the in intimacy concerns, they went completely out the window!

Jason Clifford

After getting used to the firmness of the mattress it was quite comfortable. You “sink” into it and it supports you very well. I adjust the position a lot for reading and using my phone which is really cool. My wife likes to elevate her legs after work so she likes that about it.

Joseph & Eva Gonzales

We decided to give this kit a try because of how affordable it was compared to the other sets we found. We really hoped it would help the back pain my husband and I would wake up with from me to me and it really did! It was super easy for my husband to put together since everything was color coded. We got the King split which lets us adjust our own sides of the bed without inconveniencing the other. We really love it!


So far so good, we have only had the bed a couple of weeks so time will tell. We do Love the adjustable bed, the mattress are real comfortable too. The only issue we have is keeping the mattresses together, we have no bed frame, yet. Just one other suggestion, a wireless bed control would be a real nice upgrade

Crystal Pollard

I love my Kyvno adjustable bed frame and memory foam mattress. It gives me the ability to create a better sleeping situation and my body feels better. Being able to adjust my legs helps me recover faster from workouts and helps my lower back.

Derek Scott

The king split is perfect for couples on different schedules and different sleeping styles. We’re able to adjust our sides without bothering each other, especially on those night I’m up late working in bed. The delivery, assembly, and functionality of this bed was on point. Pretty easy. We’d been very interested in switching from a spring mattress to a foam mattress for quite some me. I just wish I had not waited so long! I’m sleeping better than ever.

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