What you Need to Know About Moving with and Shipping a Mattress 

Moving to a new home can be stressful. Even more so now that you’re eyeing your King-sized mattress and wondering how you’re going to get it on the roof of your car. What if you don’t have a car? What if your friends have conveniently ditched town the weekend you’re supposed to move? Don’t panic. Here’s what you should consider to decide if shipping a mattress is right for you, or if you should buy a new bed!

First, Check Your Mattress Tag

If your mattress is 8+ years old, it’s most likely time for a new mattress! Most mattresses should be replaced between 8 to 10 years. The older the mattress, the less body support it gives, leaving you subject to aches and pains. The best solution is usually to start fresh with a new memory foam mattress (for optimal sleep and comfort) instead of dragging your old one into a brand new home. Even if the mattress is not quite 8 years old, evaluate the condition of your mattress and whether you think the hassle and price for mattress shipping worth it.

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Consider Your New Space

Consider the size of the bedroom or studio you’re moving into. Is it bigger or smaller? Do you need a larger foam mattress to fill the space or a smaller one to accommodate the room? Maybe you have little ones running around who may prefer your bed over theirs from time to time. Or maybe you don’t have children now, but you plan to in the future. Think through all the possible scenarios and determine if you want to downsize or upgrade. After all, who wants to spend the time, effort, and money shipping a mattress only to realize they need a new mattress just a few months later?

Do Your Research

Whether you’re debating between renting a moving truck, shipping a parcel, or hiring professional movers, getting your mattress to a new home (especially out of state) can get pricey. While evaluating these costs, keep in mind the current worth of your existing bed. If your old spring mattress is giving you back pain, or if you and your partner argue over who has to lie on the side with “sink holes,” chances are your bed’s not worth the original price you paid for it.

If, at the end of your research, you’ve decided to purchase a new bed, you’ll definitely want to find an all-inclusive solution. There’s no point in buying a new mattress, just to find yourself shopping for a new bed base after you’ve unpacked. Purchase these two items together.

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Shop Online

Find the best value by shopping online! You can easily find all-inclusive package deals online that offer both, a memory foam mattress with the base (or adjustable base, if you’re fancy), at bargain prices!

Compare prices, warranties, and trial guarantees from online retailers, all from the comfort of your our home. Shopping online not only saves you time and money but allows you to find the most information and compare the most companies in a short amount of time, without the pressure of a sales person.

Find Free Shipping

Don’t pay a fortune to ship your new and improved bed—steer clear of shipping costs. Find a bed company with free shipping to avoid feeling shocked and defeated at checkout.

For an all-inclusive sleeping solution, FREE shipping and return pickups, and a 120-day satisfaction guarantee, be sure to check out Kyvno! Search our site to find the best Kyvno Kit size for you. Wondering how we stack up against the competition? Kyvno memory foam mattress and bed base bundles are the most affordable mattress-in-a-box sleep solutions on the market. Not only do we provide a high-density, memory foam mattress with a gel-cooling layer, but we also provide a remote-controlled adjustable base. These versatile bed bases are created specifically for individuals with active lifestyles that require effective sleep to help them recover from their busy days. Memory foam beds adjusted to your unique sleeping style are scientifically proven to increase quality of sleep, health, and overall wellness—perfect for those who need to wind down after a stressful move.

Move In With Ease

Don’t make the move-in process even more stressful than it already is! With Kyvno, your Kyvno Kit will ship directly to your door so you’ll be ready for sound sleep in no time. Gently unbox and unroll your mattress to let the memory foam rest, allowing the mattress to expand and acclimate to room temperature. Then, place the memory foam onto your adjustable bed frame and prepare yourself for rest and relaxation.


Kyvno is the most affordable, all-inclusive sleep solution, creatively engineered to revolutionize your sleep and your life!

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