Is A Split King Adjustable Bed Right for You and Your Partner?

Purchasing a new bed is a big decision that often requires extensive research – even more so when two people are involved in the decision-making process! Your bed can affect you and your partner’s physical and mental health, so choosing the right one is important! Beyond the more obvious results of not getting enough sleep, like being cranky or groggy the next day, science actually links sleep deprivation to several unseen health problems, like weakened immunity and high blood pressure. One study found that couples suffered on average 50% more sleep disturbances if they shared a bed. While this is true, many couples choose sacrificing sleep over sleeping in separate beds. So, what’s the solution? It may be time for you and your partner to consider a split king adjustable bed.

What is a Split King Adjustable Bed?

A split king adjustable bed was created to meet the sleeping needs of two individuals at the same time. They consist of two twin XL beds linked together to form one king-size bed. The individual twin XL mattresses and bases allow you and your partner to separately adjust the position of each side of the bed without disturbing the other.

What Does a Split King Bed Include?

To accommodate the needs of two individuals, additional parts are required.

The Split King Kyvno Kit comes with:

1. Two twin XL gel-cooling, memory foam mattresses

2. Two twin XL adjustable bases

3. Two remote controls

To adjust both sides of your split king bed separately, Kyvno recommends using 2 twin XL fitted sheets and one king flat sheet. Don’t forget, the split king can be adjusted to the same position. It can be synced to adjust as one unit and controlled by one remote instead of two.

The split king Kyvno Kit comes equipped with:

1. A connector to keep the bed frames in place

2. Two metal footers to hold each mattress in place

3. Built-in nonslip mattress covers to prevent the mattresses from sliding

split king adjustable bed
The Benefits: Why the Split?

Individualized comfort is the biggest overall benefit of the split king adjustable bed. When it comes to comfort, what works for you may not always work for your partner!

Health Benefits

If you suffer from snoring, sleep apnea, or gastric reflux, you will get the most benefit by elevating your head with the head-only position. If you experience swelling or aching in your legs and/or feet, you will get most benefit using the Kyvno feet-only position. The split king adjustable bed allows you and your partner to adjust separately to the position that best supports YOUR body and needs.

Practical Benefits

In addition to supporting your individualized needs, a split king adjustable bed can also support your individualized wants. If you want to read, watch TV, or work, you can adjust your position accordingly without bothering or waking your partner.

Another plus is the buying convenience. Order the Kyvno Kit online without ever leaving the comfort of your home. It’s delivered right to your front door at no cost to you. In addition, putting your bed together is quick and painless!

Watch our unboxing video for the Split King Kyvno Kit:

The Decision

If you and your partner have different sleeping wants and needs, and don’t want to sacrifice sleep or the comfort of spending the night together, a split king adjustable bed may be right for you. The Kyvno Kit comes complete with a 120 Day Sleep Satisfaction Guarantee. While we ask that you try it for at least 60 days to get used to your new bed, Kyvno will provide a full refund and return pickup if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

What are you waiting for? Experience what all the Split King buzz is about for yourself and shop Kyvno today!


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