Valentine’s Gift Guide: Split King for Couples

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for five months or five years, finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your romantic partner can be a stressful experience. How do you find a gift that shows the care and love you have for your partner? This year, we have you covered. Instead of flowers, chocolates, or even jewelry, why not give your loved one the most romantic gift of all? Great sleep. Give the gift of great sleep with a new gel-cooling, memory foam adjustable bed! When it comes to finding one that you and your partner will both love, the Kyvno Split King for couples is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

The Cuddle Chemical

You may be thinking a new bed isn’t the most romantic Valentine’s Day gift. However, studies show that the key to a happy relationship is when both you and your partner can sleep through the night and wake up feeling well-rested.

For example, sleeping next to your partner can help build trust and make you feel safe, happy, and relaxed. While sleeping next to your partner, your body releases a chemical called oxytocin, otherwise known as the “cuddle chemical.” When your brain releases the cuddle chemical, you begin to feel relaxed and happy. These warm feelings signal the rest of your body that it’s safe to sleep, making it easier to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Unfortunately, there is a catch. While the cuddle chemical can help with sleep, it can do very little if one or both partners is unhappy with their current bed. Even if both partners are content with their bed, there are other reasons that many couples find it hard to sleep through the night together. Whether you have a partner that tosses and turns all night, steals the covers, or snores, there are plenty of ways to be disturbed while trying to sleep. In fact, a British study found that couples who shared a bed reported 50% more sleep disturbances caused by their partner. Yikes. Now that’s not very romantic!

So, how do we bring back the cuddle chemical into our night routines and, at the same time, find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

Split King for Couples

This Valentine’s Day, give your partner the only gift that truly says, “I love you” and gift them a Kyvno Split King for couples!

This gel-cooling, memory foam adjustable bed was specifically designed for couples. Both sides can be customized to each partners’ different sleeping styles and needs so that neither has to sacrifice great sleep!

How Does It Work?

A Kyvno Split King is made up of two Twin XL gel-cooling memory foam mattresses and two Twin XL adjustable bases, joined together to form a complete king-size bed. Each side of the bed can be adjusted using its own wireless remote control. 

Using two beds instead of one has many different benefits. For example, if one partner snores, they can use their own wireless remote control to adjust their side, only! They would simply press the Head Up button on the remote to raise the head portion of the bed until the snoring improves. Raising the head encourages the airway to further expand, allowing oxygen to flow more easily to reduce or eliminate snoring. Although one side of the king bed has been adjusted, the other partner who doesn’t snore is left undisturbed!

Mattress Benefits

In addition to the adjustable settings of the Kyvno Split King for couples, the convoluted foam in our mattress eliminates motion transfer. When sleeping on a traditional mattress, you wake up with every movement. The cut-zone design of the Kyvno mattress allows the memory foam to contour around your body and isolate movement to help you and your partner sleep peacefully.

Another great benefit of the Kyvno mattress is the cooling gel beads. Our brains associate a lower body temperature with bedtime. However, it is easy to overheat when sleeping with a partner, leading to restless sleep. The Kyvno mattress is specifically designed to absorb heat and keep each partner cool throughout the night.

Customer Reviews

If you’re wondering if this is too good to be true, just check out what our customers are saying about the Kyvno split king for couples below or visit our reviews page for more!

More Sizes

While the Kyvno Split King for couples is designed for two people, we didn’t forget about our singles this Valentine’s Day! There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself, especially when it comes to great sleep. If you’re single and looking to give yourself a gift this Valentine’s Day, check out the Kyvno bed in additional sizes starting at $999!


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