What Is a Split King Bed? Facts, Benefits & Tips

There’s a reason why the king bed is named after royalty – it feels like a mighty throne and can give you some royally good sleep!

However, modern sleep problems require modern sleep solutions. Enter the king bed 2.0, also known as the Split King bed. The split king is an upgraded version of the standard king bed, but you may be wondering, how so.

So, what is a split king bed? Since this advanced sleep solution is allowing couples everywhere to sleep like royalty… here are the basics and why you should invest in one, too!

The Basics

A split king bed is made up of two twin XL mattresses on separate, adjustable bases placed side by side to create a standard-size king bed (76 inches wide by 80 inches long). Although the split king matches the size of a conventional king bed, it exceeds conventional expectations!

Its individual bases allow each side of the bed to adjust separately into different positions with the touch of a button. So, there you have it! Now you know the basics.

Helpful Tip: Dress your bed with two twin XL fitted sheets and one king size flat sheet for optimal movement.

what is a split king bed

Now that we’ve answered, “what is a split king bed,” let’s talk about why many prefer it. Here’s how a split king can give you the sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

The Benefits

So, what are the benefits of a split king bed? For starters, customization! Most couples sleep differently and have specific needs when it comes to getting their best sleep. The ability to customize and adjust your split mattress provides health benefits that you wouldn’t get with a traditional king mattress. Back pain, snoring, sinus pressure and acid reflux are just a few issues a split king bed can help with by simply adjusting your sleeping position.

But, consider this—what if you need to raise your head in order to sleep soundly, but your partner isn’t comfortable or can’t sleep in that position?

Lastly, one of the biggest benefits of the split king bed is that it allows each person to sleep in their preferred position without disturbing the other. Kyvno, one of the fastest growing mattress retailers in the country, designed one of the most durable split king beds for exactly this purpose!

Tips for Buying

When looking for the right adjustable bed, choose an all-inclusive package for a great price! Many mattress providers require you to buy the mattresses and the adjustable bed bases separately for an additional (and expensive) cost. However, Kyvno’s Split King Kit includes 2 gel-cooling memory foam mattresses, 2 fully adjustable bases and 2 wireless remote controls for just $1699!

Split King Kit Includes

More importantly, Kyvno has your back – literally and figuratively. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, free shipping and returns, and a 10-year warranty, you can rest easy knowing you’ve made a smart (and dreamy) purchase.

Learn more about the Kyvno kit here.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the split king bed is the best sleeping solution for couples everywhere, giving them the royal sleep they need and deserve! But don’t just take our word for it. Visit Kyvno reviews to see what real customers are saying about their fully adjustable split king beds. These testimonies are impressive!

Hopefully by now your question has changed from “what is a split king bed,” to  “where can I get one?!” If so, click here to start shopping!

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Kyvno is the most affordable, all-inclusive sleep solution, creatively engineered to revolutionize your sleep and your life!

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