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What Kind of Sheets Do You Put on a Split King Bed?

So, you’ve finally ordered your split king Kyvno mattress and you’re excited to start sleeping in
your adjustable bed! Before jumping in and testing it out, you need to know what sheets to use. One of our most frequently asked questions that we get from new customers is “what kind of sheets do you put on a split king bed?” Keep reading to find out which sheets you need for your new mattress!

Different Bed Sheet Materials

First, let’s review the different material types to consider! There are so many options on the
market. So, whether you want to use all-natural, organic-cotton sheets, or sheets designed to
keep you cool while you sleep, the decision is up to you!

Here are a few of the most popular sheet materials:

  • Cotton- This type of material is the most popular for bed sheets. They come in different thread counts, are wrinkle-resistant, and are highly breathable! There are also different types of cotton sheets such as Egyptian cotton and Supima. (When customers ask our team: ‘what kind of sheets do you put on a split king bed?’ this is the material we usually recommend!)
  • Jersey- This type of sheet is similar to cotton where they are soft and breathable,
    however, they do not have the typical sheen that cotton sheets have. They also become
    softer with use!

  • Linen- Because they are durable, hypoallergenic, breathable, and moisture-wicking,
    linen sheets are a popular option for anyone looking for a long-term option that will last
    them years!

  • Microfiber- Made from tightly woven synthetic fibers, these sheets are thin, strong, and
    soft. However, they tend to retain body heat. So, if you’re looking to stay cool while you
    sleep these may not be the best fit for you!

  • Silk- This luxurious option is perfect for anyone looking for cool, and soft sheets. The one
    downside to silk is that they are the costliest option for bed sheets!

What Size Sheets Do You Put On a Split King Bed?

Still wondering what kind of sheets do you put on a split king bed? After deciding on a bed
sheet material, we recommend getting two twin XL sheets and one flat king sheet for your split
king bed! This way, when one partner adjusts their bed base to a different position, the sheets
won’t move around as they would if you were using a regular fitted king sheet! You also have
the option to use two twin xl flat sheets, or skip the flat sheet altogether.


We are so excited for you to receive your Kyvno and start having the best sleep of your life!
Make sure to check out our FAQ page for everything else that you need to know before
receiving your bed in the mail, or contact us with any other questions.


Kyvno is the most affordable, all-inclusive sleep solution, creatively engineered to revolutionize your sleep and your life!

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